5 Stressbusting Practices to Outsmart Stress and Key to Boost Their Effects

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Day-to-day stress is among the most common problem yet most difficult to overcome. It is a big challenge to overcome stress for most people who wish to improve their quality of life.

We share the 5 stressbusting practices that will help you outsmart stress and why Eutaptics is the key to achieving it and making it last. It is becoming more obvious that most practices that has been said and done don’t really contribute and make significant lasting changes to improve everyone’s quality of life. Some may be helpful in outsmarting stress for a short while but never in the long run.

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Here are 6 Common Stressbusting Practices:


1.    Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. If done right, meditation have immeasurable effects to the mind, body and spirit. But to gain the full benefits of meditation it requires an individual to still the mind. There comes the biggest problem, as we continue to try stilling the mind, the louder the voices in our heads and the more chaotic the direction of the thoughts become. But meditation masters say it is a part of it, which is true.

However, what if we tell you that there is an easier way to make those thoughts not shoot in multiple directions and to calm the voices in your head? Using Eutaptics techniques, you can quickly put your mind into a calmer state, and if you love to meditate, Eutaptics can boost the effects of meditation on your mind body and spirit. How Eutaptics helps people in their meditation practices will be explained later. Keep on reading.

2.    Visualization

A lot of people can benefit from using the techniques of visualization and guided imagery to calm the mind and relieve the body from stress. Using our imaginations, we can visualize a happy or peaceful place. It is a lot like daydreaming. However, sustaining the visualization long enough to reap benefits of freeing yourself from stress is often very difficult. Like meditation, the moment you think of quieting the mind, you are often introduced with another thought, then another, until there is a cloud of thoughts blocking your visualization. This is the case for most people. But practice makes perfect!

If you incorporate Eutaptics in visualization, the effects will not only allow you to have a focused mind, but you will actually be able to visualize with more intensity. The reason for this is because Eutaptics techniques are quick in targeting the structures in your mind that causes problems.

What exactly happens your brain with Eutaptics? It relaxes the mind, makes peace with your memories and allowing you to rewire and realign the thoughts in your subconscious are the foundation and references of your conscious mind in making choices, decisions and signals peace or stress.

3.    Attending self-development events

Attending self-development events focused on stress is truly rewarding, but it is also expensive and often unable to uproot the cause of stress within the mind. The reason for this is because each and every person is unique, what is stressful for one person might be neutral to another, if not, might be uplifting to others in some cases.

Loud music for example, the type of music playing will have varied effects depending on the individuals exposed to it. The reason most self-development events doesn’t work is because they fail to address the root cause of stress and always just speaking about stress in general compared to an individual level. That is okay, and it has benefits, but it is most likely that the effects will not last.

Eutaptics is different compared to other stressbusting modalities out there. Because Eutaptics is a mature form of healing that is backed with science and has a thorough understanding of why we get stressed and the structure of stress within the mind. In Eutaptics events by Robert Smith, Creator and Founder of Eutaptics, he is not really focused on the symptoms of stress, but the root cause of stress and helps people by not only uprooting these stress triggers but rewire and reprogram the subconscious mind where we base all our conscious thoughts and reactions from.

4.    Reading a Book

Reading is a very healthy habit, there are researches that suggest that people who regularly reads are actually calmer and can get out of a stress state easier than those who doesn’t. Nonetheless, let us face the fact, not everyone has the time to read and if you use reading to escape your problems that are causing you stress, then you are not reading for the pure enjoyment and mental stimulation. In fact, you might be creating just a temporary escape from your problems which in the long run might cause more problems.

We would love to see more people read, but read with intrinsic motivation and not as temporary escape, besides doing so, does not really benefit much because comprehension level is very low.

5.    Making a Decision to Change a Habit

This is really beneficial and can create great transformations. If you are determined to change a habit, you condition the mind to be calmer. But what if there are triggers and change does not take place? Well you need to learn how to change first how your mind programmed and structured the habit, when you do, the changes will be automatic. Eutaptics is a great tool to do just that. Not only to identify the structure of habits but to collapse negative habits from its foundation.

How Eutaptics Came to Be Known as the Key to Outsmart Stress

Robert Smith created Eutaptics by combining all the advantageous elements of the following:

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT
  2. Be Set Free Fast or BSFF
  3. Neuro-linguistic Programming
  4. Spiritual Understanding
  5. Science
  6. The minds boundless ability to transform

Because of this, Euptaptics’ approach became the most sought after healing modality that can eradicate stress not only in the body but from deep within the corners of the mind. In other words, change the mind’s perception and the body automatically follows. Addressing the symptoms of stress is the same to just addressing the surface of the problem, to get rid of it, you need to change your perception. How is that possible with Euptaptics? Because Euptaptics works with the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is not just another layer of our consciousness, it is in fact the very reason you are who you say you are and you behave and survive your environement, and ultimately how you live through life.

You have been recording data from the moment of birth, these data are stored as what we call memories and in Euptaptics terms, they then become the “proof” of reality that an individual hold valid and true. That is also the reason why you react to things differently than the person next to you, it is because you have a unique set of references about things than another person.

That’s ultimately the very reason why you also get stressed, you consider things stressful when your subconscious signals the brain that a thought, memory or experience is unpleasant. The brain is very obedient to the mind, it will signal the body to release hormones in your bloodstream which ultimately leads to a stressed state. Euptaptics stops stress from the onset.

The techniques involved in Euptaptics are simple yet the most powerful way to outsmart stress today.

toxic-belief-system-or-self-empowerment-600x600“Transform Your Life with Euptaptics” contains almost 9 hours of video to help you learn the basics of Euptaptics including the Euptaptics belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and how to release those problems using the Euptaptics tapping style. It will teach you how to fix problems in your life and give you a sense of peace. It also includes live demonstrations of the Euptaptics tapping process by Robert Smith.

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  • October 26, 2016

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