6 Powerful Ways You Can Outsmart Stress

6 Powerful Ways You Can Outsmart Stress

To outsmart stress experienced daily is critical to your performance, happiness and health. Mild to moderate stress can improve your skill and make you resilient to complicated life problems. Nonetheless, if stress builds up, it can lead to getting burnout and may result to a myriad of problems.

Our mood and social skills for example can easily be affected by even the mildest stressor. In time, habits are formed in the way we react and respond to just about anything and anyone. To train a happy brain and maintain a positive and healthy outlook in life, we need to develop powerful ways to combat stress.

The following are 6 powerful ways you can outsmart stress:

1. Don’t Hold on To It

The easiest and most practical way to easily outsmart stress is to not hold on to it. The moment you feel that a topic, and idea or a person’s behavior towards you is starting get into your nerves drop it. Clinging to it a moment longer will only cause your mind to signal more stress out of it.

Tapping using Eutaptics is a great way to release stress immediately and reframe your perception. Allow your mind to build resilience to stress by training it to not hold on to a topic on a deeper level. Being attached to an idea is that supports a problematic mental structure is the best path towards burnout.

2. Relaxation Techniques

What is one thing that you do that puts you into a relaxed state? Whether it is listening to a particular music, playing a game on your mobile, meditation, yoga or simply reading a book. Find time to do it on daily basis. Best you develop techniques that you can apply at the heat of the moment. For example counting, mindful breathing or Eutaptics Tapping.

Tapping through meridian points in the body can quickly cease stress responses and provide deeper feeling of relaxation.

3. Always Get Sufficient Sleep

Sleep can combat stress. Without enough sleep, you do not give the mind a chance to recover. Too much sleep on the other hand can reduce mental functions and cause you to feel even more tired and lose interest in activities, both mental and physical.

That is why it is important to get sufficient sleep. Doctors recommend 7 to 8 hours of sleep. This allows the mind to relax, replenish nutrients and regenerate new cells.

If sleep becomes a problem, Eutaptics may be applied to help induce a healthy sleeping pattern. It is a technique designed to program the mind, sleeping is not an exemption. By collapsing mental patterns that supports sleeplessness it was able to help thousands of people out of insomniac and other sleep problems.

4. Aim for An Active Lifestyle

While exercise cannot really get rid of the source of stress, good body circulation and producing feel good hormones and can help in developing resilience to stress. Instead of thinking exercise as a routine it is best to achieve a mindset towards achieving an active lifestyle. Prefer moving around, you do not have to go to the gym but take time to sweat, whether it is a simple house chore or going for a short bike ride.

When exercise is perceived by the mind as a chore, it can develop negative mindsets around it. That is why it is best to train a happy brain that sees physical activities as part of keeping you healthy.

5. Socialize

Socializing can improve your mental health, helps reduce stress, build stronger relationships and expand your network. But be cautious about socializing too much and to whom. Socializing with the wrong kind of people can cause more stress. Socializing thought social media and other modern channels can also evoke more stress than actual help.

Shield yourself from negative mindsets of others, when a particular group, news or other negative aspects of socializing affects you, you may use FasterEFT to clear your mind from negativity to penetrate.

6. Change the Things You Can

Don’t simply subscribe to the idea that you cannot change those things around you. There is pure virtue in accepting things as they are, but acceptance does not equate not doing anything to improve them. While you can never change any other person except yourself, you sure can be an inspiration.

In terms of physical things around you that is causing you to feel stressed, change them. Is it the paint in your room, the outfit you wear or clutter in your desk? Just do it anyway, you will see, every accomplishment can actually boost your mind and help you build resilience to outsmart stress.

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  • February 12, 2017