Change Your Story: Kill Chronic Stress Before It Kills You

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Eutaptics is the leading tapping technique with immediate effects on relieving stress. You can outsmart stress within minutes by getting rid of the root cause from within the mind.

Chronic stress is often described as an overwhelming feeling as a response to stressor, often accompanied by worry and feeling run-down. Chronic stress affects people of all ages and genders, if not managed, stress can affect the person psychologically and physically.

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What Stress Can Do to Your Physical Health

Some people think stress is normal within our lives, not having it is complete myth. While it is true that stress will be a part of our lives as we continue living, it doesn’t mean we cannot stop it, control how we react to it or totally get rid of the negative thoughts and memories causing us stress.

Eutaptics challenges conventional wisdom about how we can get rid of stress, not only the symptoms but uproot the main causes to change our perception about what triggers chronic stress.

How we react and continue to react about things that stress us have a direct effect on our lifespan and quality of life. Stress is a weapon of mass destruction and you need to allow mental healing to prevent stress from killing you.

Chronic stress can cause a huge damage to your nervous system through. The flooding of stress hormones can cause the tissues of the body to oxidize allowing free radicals to cause cells to deteriorate. Because the normal body functions get confused in a highly stressed state all it understands is to keep the body safe and place it under high alert.

In cases of chronic stress, the body can remain on high alert even there is no actual danger. It continues to adapt this physiological and mental state causing production of excess amounts of cortisol to run freely within our system all the time.

Cortisol is a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands and it can exhaust you to the point of speeding the up the aging process as more cells die and the body is unable to grow new ones.

Moreover, it can also seriously harm the immune system, damage brain tissues that can lead to minor problems in concentration to serious as memory loss.

Three out of four visits to a doctor are actually due to chronic stress-related illnesses. This statistic is shocking, meaning 94% of the adult population is actually highly stressed and are at risk.

No wonder Eutaptics stress-focused techniques are getting marked globally as the number one stressbusting method. In fact, Robert Smith’s Eutaptics YouTube Channel has reached about 10 million views, the number of people who requires immediate help to get rid of chronic stress is alarming. Just imagine the quality of lives they live and how it marks their children.

The ART of Change Pack

This presentation is a downloadable 3-pack of videos highlighting the ART of Change and how it makes a profound difference in peoples lives. The ART of Change is a powerful Eutaptics process to Aim at the problem, Release the stress and  emotions, and Transform the memory into a more positive one. In this presentation, you can watch the ART of Change being demonstrated live!

Can Stress Kill You?

It definitely can! Stress is a silent killer globally, across continents, cultures and races. Severe stress can lead to Acute Stress Disorder which is among the leading causes of sudden death. It can happen to anyone after exposure either to traumatic event or even from simply being unable to cope to simple stressors that piled up in the mind.

Chronic stress on the other hand is a leading cause cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, enlargement of the heart, hypertension and many more. Please note that some people who are suffering from chronic stress develop these diseases without being caused by genetics or high cholesterol. They developed it due to the cyclic patterns their minds created to induce production of hormones and caused their body to adapt to a very unhealthy system of operation.

The irregular heart rate experienced by highly stressed individuals may as well be the knock of the grim reaper. As the heart keeps getting signal to beat rapidly it can eventually trigger lethal heart rhythm.

We have repeatedly read over time that there is danger in anger, stress and the whole spectrum of negative emotions. Yet it appears to be the most difficult thing to get rid of.

Sedatives and calming pills can provide temporary relief, but it can lead to addiction and dependence, not to mention the liver damage that synthetic medicine can cause. Some psychotherapy methods can deliver results, but not leading to total cessation of stress patterns within the mind. That is why a huge number of psychotherapists addressing stress issues prefer to apply the Eutaptics techniques with their clients. The results are undeniably lasting and clients can even learn the techniques and apply it the moment stress is triggered, allowing the body to recover quickly.

toxic-belief-system-or-self-empowerment-600x600Transform Your Life with Eutaptics

“Transform Your Life with Eutaptics” contains almost 9 hours of video to help you learn the basics of Eutaptics including the Eutaptics belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and how to release those problems using the Eutaptics tapping style. It will teach you how to fix problems in your life and give you a sense of peace. It also includes live demonstrations of the Eutaptics tapping process by Robert Smith. Click here for the full course description.

How Eutaptics Works on Outsmarting Stress

Eutaptics is not only a meridian tapping system; it is also focused on the psychology of stress. It has a complete understanding on how stress is structured within our individual minds. Ever wondered why there are things that stress you does not affect the person right next to you?

The explanation is simple, because you mentally process an event or a stressor differently. You are equipped by your own coping mechanisms that your mind structured through your experiences. This is how you perceive things, it is the filter and the basis of what you understand as a pleasant experience, stressful experience and ultimately, how the world works.

This mental structure is working perfectly in alignment to how we think about how the world works.

In regards to chronic stress, whatever causes you to react on a certain event, person or thing has its roots in the unconscious or subconscious mind. Through the interlinked filters we created within the mind, our judgment or perception about everything is formed.

In order to outsmart stress, it is best to collapse this interlinked system of negative thought drawn from the subconscious mind. Eutaptics works best in reprogramming the system of thoughts in which your consciousness operates through memory reimprinting. It does not mean changing the past or erasing the memories, it is simply reimprinting a neutral or happier memory to override the negative source so you can draw a more pleasant response when stress is triggered.

Coping with Being Under Pressure Using FasterEFTLevel I Training Online

The Level 1 Practitioner Certification Training program is well pronounced as the user manual for your unconscious and conscious mind by many health professionals, laypeople and life coaches that is designed to deliver fast and profound personal changes for themselves and for clients.
Robert Smith, Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute Inc. is giving everyone an opportunity to discover the power to change and improve their quality of life, emotionally, financially, relationships and health, with a powerful set of skills.

Eutaptics is the best and the only personal growth system that you will experience at this age and time. This training includes the best teachings combined into one simple but highly effective program. The richness of the content goes deep to deliver profound changes. Discover techniques are guaranteed easy to apply but deliver quick results that speak for themselves. Click here to view full course outline.

If you are very new to Eutaptics you can start a 7 Day Quick Start Course for free that will cover almost everything to get you started.

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