Entrepreneurial Stress is Real: Here’s How You Can Recover

entrepreneurial stress

Is your startup business starting to feel like its consuming your life? While it may seem true that you are not alone in this endeavor and there are millions of entrepreneurs globally who are experiencing burnout, it is never okay to just leave it be.

Most entrepreneurs feel like it is okay to submit to stress, to the point that the stress caused by the  business addictive. It is true that stress on mild to relatively moderate amounts can help you perform more and achieve more, burnout due to entrepreneurial stress isn’t going to benefit you. Stress can slowly eat the life out of you and your mind can slowly falter and lose its brilliance if you let it continue.

Outsmart entrepreneurial stress using FasterEFT through proven methodology created by Robert G. Smith to combat entrepreneurial stress. Unlike other stressbusting systems, FasterEFT works with the mind to transform your life and destroy chronic stress buildup.

All stress has its roots in the mind, our mental process creates stress. No wonder why successful entrepreneurs are able to achieve high success is because they learned how to adjust their coping skills in terms of their reactions to stress. And you can too!

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What Creates Stress?

From the psychological point of view, stressors are provocation of a reaction from the mind causing the body to react in a state of stress. Now that medical jargons about stress can be quite confusing, so we will try to sway from that and discuss it more in a lay terms.

In other words, stress is whatever it is that makes you react negatively that keeps you tensed, fired up or immobile. How our mind reacts to everything is dependent on how our mind process the information. For example, deadlines, raising capital and accounting stresses you, but another entrepreneur may not be stressed about the same set of things that you are experiencing.

Not that they have a better business, you may find that you are both on the same boat, but they are not mentally strained. What creates this phenomenon is unique individual reactions to stress relies on the imprints within your mind.

In other words, you hold within your mind something that reacts highly stressed on certain aspects of entrepreneurship. The memories you hold subconsciously plays an important role in producing stress reactions.

Whether you deny this or accept it, it will continue to exist for as long as you live unless you reimprint those memories or get rid of them.

imprints from Faster EFT on Vimeo.

Is It Really Possible to Delete Memories Causing Stress?

Remove and delete is quite extreme, that is similar to causing you amnesia. Reimprinting though is possible. Please don’t confuse the two, these terms play an important role in the FasterEFT Healing System which is highly acclaimed in outsmarting stress in the business world.

FasterEFT Memory Reimprinting is also not similar to Matrix Reimprinting who subscribes to manipulation of bodily energies and existence of the matrix.

Faster EFT Memory Reimprinting is a type of mental healing process developed by Robert G. Smith that allows a person to release the values and emotions attached to a particular memory that fuels stress responses.

Without emotional values attached to a past experience, it is impossible for the body to draw a reaction from it on a level causing problems. The memory may stay, but it is hardly automatically used by the conscious mind to formulate a reaction.

Think of it as similar to an antivirus in computer systems. Besides, there are big similarities between how the brain works and how a computer does.

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Taking Action at the Onset of Stress

When you notice that stress begins to build up, don’t let it. A simple technique is using the FasterEFT Tapping process which allows you to immediately get rid of stress. Seek for a help from a Faster EFT Master Practitioner who can guide you and teach you techniques on how you can remove stress from the roots.

You can take so many action plans to get rid of stress and best if you go for a practical way to end stress responses. The less stressed you are, the higher you can take your business and the more you can appreciate all your efforts that leads to your success. Allow FasterEFT to help you outsmart entrepreneurial stress.

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  • December 16, 2016