Tapping Stress Away – Does Eutaptics Stress Tapping Really Work?

Euptaptics tapping stress

What is Eutaptics Stress Tapping?

Eutaptics tapping is very different compared to other tapping methods, it is not simply tapping to reduce the symptoms accompanying stress. Eutpatics Stress tapping allows a person to restructure stress and its accompanying symptoms mentally. In other words, it is a way of reprogramming the subconscious mind so that incoming events are no longer interpreted as highly stressful and the individual can retain their focus on things that matters. Because of the this, the physiological state is also changed without the bloodstream flooded by stress chemicals.

The reason it works in calming the mind and eliminating stress is because it uses acupressure points also known as Meridian points similar to acupuncture, stimulating these points can help change the body’s chemistry while the mind’s perception of reality is restructured through de-fractionation. Tapping using Eutaptics does not solely rely on the body’s energy system, it is more focused on changing memory and thought structure to eliminate the root cause of stress.

Want to start tapping stress away? Let us try to learn the basics.

Eutaptics Manipulate 5 Main Points, These are the Following:


The area between the eyebrows

Also known as in acupressure therapy as GV 24.5 or third eye point. Applying pressure on this point can help reduce mental stress while it also deals with headaches, mental congestion and other stress related issues.

The area beside the eye

The point just outside the eye socket close to the bone but not the temple is called the G1 in meridian system. It also helps in releasing stress while reducing temporal headaches, migraines and conjunctivitis.

The are under the eye

This point lies in the bony surface under the eye. This acupressure point can reduce eye strains and issues with vision.

The point under the collarbones

This point is known as the Lu1, but has been popularly known as the Letting Go point. This point is very effective in releasing anxiety, overwhelm and depression.

The wrist acupressure points

The wrist has several acupressure points. However, in Euptaptics, it is just grabbing the wrist and not applying pressure on the individual point. The TW5, P6 and TW4 are local pressure points found in the wrist and they are known to address issues and tensions relating to the hand, but their purpose in Euptaptics tapping is to end the tapping cycle while saying peace as you slowly breath out.

Please refer to the following chart:

fastereft tapping chart

How to let go of stress using Euptaptics Tapping


Step 1

Take a deep slow breath as you close your and think about whatever it is you feel stressed about. Notice the feeling of stress in the body and how strong your body it is. Note the points where you feel the tension as you think about whatever it is causing you to feel stressed.

Step 2

With your index finger and middle finger gently tap on the following meridian points while saying the equivalent phrases for each point mentioned above.

– Between your eyebrows – “I release and let this go now”

– Beside your eye (either eye, it doesn’t matter which) – “Let it go”

– Under your eye – “It’s safe to let it go”

– Just below your collarbone – “I’m safe as I’m letting this go now”

For more information on the phrases to use, read: What to Say When Tapping.

Step 3

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath and say “Peace”. Then go to a peaceful memory – one that makes you feel good. Enjoy that for a moment.

Step 4

Now go back to the feeling of resentment and notice if it’s still there. If there is any resentment left at all (even a tiny bit) repeat Steps Two through Four. Do this until all traces of resentment have gone and you are feeling good.

You may find that as you are tapping, different memories and thoughts occur to you. Notice these – notice how they feel, what you see and hear, and anything else about them. And then tap again. Whether or not those memories and thoughts appear to have anything to do with the resentment you want to release, tap on them anyway. The fact that they have come up for you means they are somehow connected in your subconscious, and they need to be cleared.

Keep going until the memories and feelings have flipped completely.

Flipping memories is the same as reimprinting memories. Please click here to learn why we flip memories in Eutaptics.

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fastereft stress

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