The Key to Successful Deep Breathing to Beat Stress

The Key to Successful Deep Breathing to Beat Stress

“Beat stress using the power of the mind.” Easier said than done because stress originates in the mind. To some, the idea to beat stress seems impossible, so turning to alcohol and medications to get rid of stress offers the most convenience. But it hardly works that way.

Deep breathing has been said to be able to defeat stress, yet deep breathing can also be a challenge. It can take several minutes before deep breathing takes in the benefits, for some even the concentration required to execute deep breathing even just for a few minutes is missing.

Let us face it, when you are highly stressed, even simple and almost effortless tasks may be perceived as “too much work.”

For many people, relaxation means sitting down for a while without doing anything. To most people, it is sleeping or do nothing. But in reality, relaxation is a mental state that induces the body to not respond without stress. In other words, you can relax while working if your mind is in a calm state.

You can deal with just about anything in a relaxed state.

When practicing deep breathing, you can do it without having to stop what you are doing, you just need to breath the proper way. In fact, as you master the technique, you’d be amazed how much more productive you can be.

In the long run, be amazed that deep breathing can actually change your perception about many things that you consider as “stressful.”

Key to successful deep breathing

Eutaptics tapping technique can help induce a relaxed state amidst the chaos going around you and within your mind. You can apply Eutaptics technique to weaken the structure of thoughts that are causing you to be stressed and program your mind to switch to mindful breathing so even after being done with tapping you can carry on with your tasks in a mindful and relaxed state.

The logic behind this is because as stress develops, your mind is switching into various different programs affecting physical performance. One of the primary stress response is shallow breathing, the body thinks it can draw more oxygen into the bloodstream to boost energy to be used for fight or flight.

But of course, stress responses work against us in times there are no actual dangers around us. To break this cycle of stress responses, Eutaptics may be applied to weaken the overall structure of stress from within deeper consciousness and as you tap along the meridian points you can instill deep breathing as a response instead of shallow breathing.


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  • February 14, 2017