Memory Manipulation is the Essential Key to Outsmart Stress

Memory Manipulation is the Essential Key to Outsmart Stress

In a nutshell, the Eutaptics system is a memory manipulation system. It works within the mind and our accumulated memories to help us outsmart daily stress that leads to chronic stress disorder. Eutaptics memory manipulation is an ethical and practical process to address issues where the basis of our problems relies.

In other words, our memories serve as a fundamental aspect in personal growth, in cases of high stress, growth is impossible because of the mental patterns fired by the brain causing the body to react or overreact making us feel limited.

Comes the question, what is it about your memories causing stress? Well not only stress, but how we perceive how the world works relies on the memories. Meaning, you process each incoming and current experience based on the memories that relates to it. They created mental patterns that ultimately led you to form habits and behaviors.

The ground rules about memories and reimprinting them Robert Smith explains. from Eutaptics on Vimeo.

Stress may cause avoidance behavior, it is a natural process of the mind to avoid further pain, hurt or unpleasant emotions to arise. While it can be helpful in many cases in life to help us survive, most of the time, it works against us.

For example, you experienced a highly stressful day and it climaxed to the point of getting fired at work. This may cause you to avoid work of the same nature, if not form behaviors regarding particular work areas that once led you to believe less about yourself and your abilities.

You may continue performing the same task and execute in timely fashion, but in reality, as you perform the tasks, you are easily mentally strained and your body highly tensed due to stress.

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Memory Manipulation to Outsmart Stress

Memory manipulation comes in practical to help you perform better without the mind using the same event as the basis of your performance.

It is a way of reimprinting the memories causing stress to train your brain to be happy. It does not mean get rid of your memories or a simple trick to perform better. This goes above and beyond tricking the mind, Eutaptics memory manipulation is providing a lasting solution to chronic stress.

A Happy Brain Can Outsmart Stress

Memory manipulation to some may sound like a scary step. It is because of the ethics involved, but it isn’t the way most people think. In Eutaptics memory manipulation and reimprinting, there is a very slim chance of traumatizing or retraumatizing a client. It involves processes that are highly applicable and actionable with astonishing success rates.

You are still the same person after the memory has been manipulated and reimprinted. The memory of an event remains, it is not wiped out to cause you to forget. What Eutaptics does is release of the emotions causing the memories to be actively used by the mind as a reference to formulate a reaction, in cases of traumatic stress, to overreact.

What really is aimed in Eutaptics Memory Manipulation is to train a happy brain. Because it is impossible for a happy brain to be stressed and undeniably, a happy brain produce happy experiences and a healthy body.

To train a happy brain gets you closer to self-mastery, a happy brain can improve your way to success making you see the world in a different light providing you psychological flexibility even in the most trying times.

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  • December 26, 2016