Outsmart Stress Caused by Post-Election Events

post-election stress

It seems like the election stress disorder is widespread across the United States. In fact, since the American politics have influence internationally as one of the most powerful countries in the planet, the stress levels of people took heights unexpected.

Is there really something called Election Stress Disorder?

Yes! Election Stress Disorder may not be as popular as other disorders relating to stress responses, but it is a hundred percent real and not something made up because of what is going on in the American politics.

According to Dr. Asim Shah of the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, vice chair for the community psychiatry, we should not dismiss the impacts of the election stress disorder.

Symptoms of this disorder are similar to other traumatic stress responses such as:

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Sweaty palms
  3. Cardiac palpitations
  4. Sleep disturbances
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Feeling of sinking or doom

The cause? The outcome of the recent presidential elections.

Are you suffering from the same? If you are, then you are among the majority of the population who are victims of disorder. While you are not alone, it does not mean it should be ignored. Because it can lead to health complications.

As the American Psychological Association continues to report that the previous election is the primary source of significant amount of stress. Whether you are taking sides or not, it is the mind that is suffering as the assumptions, speculations and reality of the things reported in the news continuous.

If you want to free yourself from post-election stress, follow these Eutaptics tips:


1. Turn off the news

Eutaptics has a belief system with its main focus of eliminating stress is within the mind. It is said that whatever information we feed the mind with, positive, negative or neutral, becomes memories, records of experiences filed in the unconscious. Do not keep on interrupting your peaceful mental behavior by watching the news, since it can be quite addictive to feel the need to know the information, at this time, it really isn’t. it will only increase your stress response to the idea and put your body at risk.

2. Go back to your happy journal

If you are one of those people who enjoys keeping a journal, go back to writing about happy thoughts. The Eutaptics happy journal will help you realign your mental patterns away from the election results and lead you to understand and focus on things that truly matter at this moment in time.

3. Things don’t happen overnight

As the new age in the American politics unfold, rest your fears in the idea that things don’t happen overnight, there are other systems in the government that keeps everything in check. The main problem is that the election result made a lot of people began catastrophizing the situation. While there maybe distasteful events that happen, do not get involve and leave the situation as is, your worry will not lead to anything fruitful.

Taking sides at this point will only cause your mind to unrest. Best you discover inner peace and remember that you are still in charge of your future, you have the power over your life and no one can take that away from you.

4. Use the Eutaptics Tapping Technique

When you begin to experience chronic headaches and mental congestion. Use the Eutaptics technique to release the psychological tension. Do not let it pile up negative ideas and cause more negative emotions to rise. Tapping will help you regain control over your thoughts and behavior.

5. Focus on Love, Compassion and Kindness

Focus on love like never before. Do not let the idea between the differences among people divide you. Do not hate friends and people who do not agree with your political ideas. Embrace and love the diversity you are in.

Practice compassion and kindness in everything you do. In fact, you can apply memory reimprinting to change your fears, hate and negative emotions that is rooted from this election. You can reimprint them with memories and experiences that are coming compassion, kindness and love.

Gain back your focus and stop post-election stress. It is more important to gain personal insights on how to handle and manage the changes in the political landscape than taking sides. A highly stressed individual against another highly stressed individual will only cause more trouble.

The Eutaptics Technique is the #1 stressbusting process, applied and recognized hundreds of thousands of people today. You can get rid of anything that is stressing you by following simple instructions yet highly effective.

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  • November 14, 2016

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