Outsmart Stress: Recognizing Your Stress Triggers

Stress is not an illness, it is the body’s natural response system to stress  triggers. It is the result of the feeling under too much mental or emotional pressure.

Your inability to outsmart stress and cope can result to serious medical conditions. Chronic stress for example may lead to serious cardiovascular illnesses and other body disorders.

As we forward in this generation, our life’s demands can get overwhelming. A lot of people suffer from so many stress-related illnesses as they continue to struggle balancing their work, relationships and financial status.

We all know that stress does not solve any issue, it only gets in the way of sorting out a resolution. The greatest effect of stress is in our mental health which directly affect our physical health. When the way we think is affected by stress, it becomes part of us and our perception of the world is altered.

Stress can affect the way you feel, think and behave and how your body works, to the point of biochemical processes.

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How to Recognize Chronic Stress

Cognitive symptoms of stress include:

1. Memory problems

When you begin to become forgetful and unable to remember thinks and it starts to get in the way. This may be a sign that your mental function is not working properly. Memory problems due to stress is progressive and it is best you address the issue before it worsens and affect your productivity.

2. Inability to concentrate

Similar to memory problems. When a person begins to develop chronic stress disorder, he may never get optimal concentration level to remain productive. A highly-stressed person can have a million things run within his mind without noticing it.

3. Poor Judgment

Stress can cause to feel rushed and overwhelmed. Because of this, you may lack judgment on things that may appear to you as irrelevant given a particular moment. In reality, it may be something important. You can miss a lot of opportunities because of being stressed or put yourself at risk.

4. Seeing only negative

It is hard for people experiencing high stress to feel positive, that is why they react on every incoming experience in a negative way. Because of this, a lot their reactions to things are negative in nature because their perception is altered by the stress responses they are going through.

5. Feeling anxious and racing thoughts

Natural mental processing is quick, but when the mind is calm, it draw responses coming from various memories without the ability to decipher which one is helpful and which one is completely out of bounds.

6. Constant worry

Stress can make a person worry about things that are perceived to be real, in reality, it can be nonexistent. The mind is a valley of thoughts carrying varying intensities of emotions. Worry is a result of being out of control of these emotions.

7. General unhappiness

Among the symptoms of stress is becoming unable to be happy or find joy in simple events and activities. Stress is a happiness killer.

8. Loneliness and Isolation

Stress can cause to activate so many negative emotions that can lead for an individual to feel lonely and detached from relationships.

9. Aches and pains

A stressed individual is unable to release tension quickly and usually it builds up. Muscular tension is very obvious and often even a massage cannot really cure it. Moreover, pain maybe caused due to deprived blood flow as the body utilizes the circulatory system to produce a fight or flight response.

10. Headaches and chest pains

Chronic headaches can be caused by stress buildup due to mental strain. Rapid heart rate is due to the body needing more blood supply in the muscles to produce a fight or flight response. If left uncheck this can lead to serious medical issues including cardiovascular illnesses.

Common causes of stress

Daily living that may appear similar for the majority may be perceived by another individual as highly stressful. There is a deeper psychological process involving stress that is why each situation is unique to an individual.

However the following are common external causes:

  1. major life changes
  2. work or studies
  3. relationship issues
  4. financial problems
  5. being too busy
  6. family life

The following are internal causes of stress:

  1. chronic worry
  2. pessimism
  3. rigid thinking and lack of psychological flexibility
  4. negative self-dialogue
  5. unrealistic expectations

Recognizing triggers and how to stop stress responses

How are triggers formed?

If you have noticed, what triggers a stress response from you may have little to no effect on others. This fact then drives us to conclude that you are holding something within your mind that triggers a stress response.

You hold within you imprints causing some negative mental responses leading to physical responses we can call symptoms of stress.

To completely eradicate stress you need to learn how to map the mind properly and locate this stress responses. Eutaptics holds a complete understanding on how the mind works and how stress is formulated within the mind. Stress tolerance can be obtained and sustained with Eutaptics.

Memories play a vital role in our mental functions. It is our memories that influence our reaction as the mind dictates what is safe or not based on the records obtained through previous experiences.

The Eutaptics process including the tapping can help you manipulate these memories and reimprint them to completely release the emotional charge they carry.

Because of this you may experience the same event over and over but it will not give rise to negative emotions and not lead to a physical stress response.

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  • January 11, 2017