Outsmart Stress Using Eutaptics: 13 Facts About Stress

Outsmart Stress Using Faster EFT: 13 Facts About Stress

Eutaptics is the number one stress-fighting tool used by thousands of psychotherapists. The most wonderful thing about Eutaptics is that it can help you outsmart stress by collapsing the structure of mental patterns causing you stress. Moreover, only Eutaptics memory reimprinting can help you encode new mental imprints to ensure that once something that evokes stress is in your current experience, you can handle the situation without being stress reactions.

A shocking 75% to 90% of all doctor’s visit are stress-related. Stress is a precursor to many health issues such as cardiovascular disorders, asthma, arthritis, depression, anxiety and many more. It is important that chronic and acute stress is stopped on its tracks to allow the body to recover quickly due to unavoidable stressful events.


Let us go through the 13 common facts about stress:

1. The silent killer

Chronic and acute stress disorders are the leading causes of heart and cardiovascular diseases. The constant elevated blood pressure causes an individual’s natural heart rhythm and blood pressure to be confused over time and leaves the body to deteriorate.

Stress related to traumas are best handled by Eutaptics. It can end Traumatic Stress Responses such as PTSD, anxiety and many more. By changing the person’s coping mechanism within the brain, the body is allowed to naturally heal from the physical symptoms of stress.

2. Stress can cause hair loss

People who are always exposed to highly stressful situations can develop chronic stress disorders or acute stress disorders.

These are the types of stress that can cause you to lose appetite, put the body on non-stop emergency mode and cause an elevated amount of stress hormones to flood the bloodstream. In these types of stress, medical professionals found that it is one of the major causes of hair loss.

Allow your body to recover during a stressful event to prevent premature aging and hair loss. Use the simple to follow Eutaptics technique that can stop stress on its tracks before it becomes chronic.

3. Stress has direct effect on your fertility

Stress can change the neurochemical imprints of the body and have a direct effect on maturation and release of human eggs. In women, stress has been proven to cause the fallopian tubes and uterus to spasm which has effects on implantation.

In men, stress can reduce sperm count and motility as well as causing erectile dysfunction in advanced and severe cases. World Health Organization information says stress accounts for about 30% of all infertility problems.

4. Cortisol can increase cell size of fat

The stress hormone cortisol does not only cause accumulation of abdominal fat. Research has shown that it is also responsible for the increase of size of each individual fat cell.

5. Growth impairment

Children who are exposed to high levels of stress may develop impairment in terms of growth by lowering the production of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

The pituitary gland plays as the central to the “stress circuit,” responsible for the complex exchanges of hormones between the nervous system. In short it is responsible for regulating growth hormones, metabolism, reproduction and immunity.

The temporary shutdown of the hormonal systems usually occurs during times of emergency to allow biochemical resources be diverted to the threat or danger. However, in cases of chronic stress in children, this can result to permanent confusion between the hormonal systems due to stress.

The earlier we teach children the value of stress management through Eutaptics, the more we can help their developmental growth.

6. Money is among the top reason for stress

72% of the American adult population is stressed about money and their financial status. Chronic stress that roots from financial problems are silent antecedents to other health risks among Americans.

If money is the number one cause of stress within your house and life. Don’t worry there is a solution to changing your perception about abundance and allow good fortune to come in.

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7. Stress can cause premature skin aging

Stress causes the capillaries or the small blood vessels to close during times or real danger to make use of the blood supply for the muscles. The blood supply that carries the nutrients for the skin is compromised causing the skin to wrinkle and unable to reproduce collagen, losing its elasticity and glow.

To combat premature aging, one must first combat common stressors the causes it. The best way to fight aging is calming the mind.

Eutaptics tapping is designed as an immediate tool than can be used when encountering stressful situations. Tapping on the meridian points not only change the biochemical state of the body helps soothe tensed muscles.

8. Visual perception is affected by stress

When stressed the pupils dilate automatically as it gathers information about the situation in a high-alert state. Moreover, this signals the brain to function in a different way firing various signals coming from the cortex as reference from previous encountered danger. In other words, the mind is on high alert and perception of reality is somehow shifted.

That is why, highly stressed individuals cannot really keep their focus because their mind is hyperaware.

Eutaptics is the number one stressbusting tool that can change this quickly, even if there is no actual danger present, some people may overreact to a situation. By applying the Eutaptics techniques, you can allow the body to recover and the mind to realign on things that truly matters.

9. Stress causes the brain to deteriorate

High amounts of stress hormones flooding the brain can shrink and kill neurons and other brain tissues. Short term exposure to stress allows the body and the brain to recover, but in cases of chronic exposure, the body is not given enough time to recuperate causing irreversible damage.

That is why Robert Smith developed Eutaptics with great focus on people suffering from Traumatic Stress Responses such as PTSD, anxiety and depression. The number of people that was helped by Eutaptics to life threatening situations because of stress is innumerable as of today.

10. Chronic stress causes to body to increase production of cytokines

Cytokines are small proteins released by cells that have specific interactions and communications between the cells. Because of cytokines, water is needed to enhance intercellular communication during times of threat causing inflammation on particular organs of the body.

In some cases, it can be helpful to keep the body safe, in chronic stress, where danger is not real, the body is placed on high alert mode and constant inflammation is can damage the tissues of the organs.

11. Stress can cause massive changes to blood sugar levels

During a stressful situation, the blood sugar levels are altered that can cause a range of immediate changes in mood, fatigue, low blood sugar and metabolic syndrome. These metabolic syndromes are major risks to developing heart ailments and diabetes.

That is why application of Eutaptics techniques is necessary at the onset of a stressful situation. Instead of the body going through massive changes on sugar levels, it can immediately allow recovery from a stressful situation.

12. Chronic stress may worsen Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Stress can worsen the condition of constipation, cramping and bloating. This condition is worsened by stress and may result to further irritation of the large intestine.

13. Chronic stress can decrease the body’s immunity

Chronic stress decreases the body’s immune system response to bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Stress is a major precursor in developing immune responses to many things, including allergies.

The body’s stress responses vary, sometimes due to stress our body will respond in a different way. Ever wondered that a pollen you are so used to since you were a kid suddenly caused you allergies? That may be caused by sudden change in stress responses due to immunity.

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