Outsmart Stress Using Memory Manipulation

Owning a happy brain is made simple by Eutaptics. Undeniably, Eutaptics has become the most effective way to outsmart stress and has helped thousands of people get rid of chronic stress that almost cost them their lives.

The very same mental healing system brings you new ways to achieve a happy brain through memory manipulation. Positive thinking is not a new term, and it does wonders to the brain and mind.

However, without knowing what it is that creates a positive mindset, you can spend all day meditating and willing the mind into a positive mindset and only get frustrated because the moment you go back to your routine, you are still producing stress.

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 This is because the mind doesn’t work as much as we wish it would, there are certain aspects of the mind that requires tweaking. Only Eutaptics holds a complete understanding how to tweak our memories to change how it fires and formulate conscious reaction.

Because of this, it is impossible for stress responses to continue building negative reactions that places the body in fight-flight-freeze state.

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What is Memory Manipulation?

In Eutaptics, memory manipulation is more popularly known as memory reimprinting. It is a safe way to realign a person’s behavior or get rid of stress responses in cases of PTSD and chronic stress disorder. We cannot deny the fact that memories play the most vital role in our mental system.

Our stored memories carry with them varied intensities of emotions that the brain uses to formulate a reaction about everything within our environment.

These reactions are formed so quick, faster than a blink of an eye and the brain does this simultaneously. For those reactions that are drawn from our short-term memory, they are recorded with very low intensity, hence the brain does not really remember them, it is perceived by the consciousness as temporary.

But those memories that are embedded vividly within the subconscious and unconscious carry with them powerful emotions, they are placed in long-term memory.

There are so many factors that affects memory formation. The most interesting and highly notable process of the brain in recording and storing memories is when it uses the abundance of glutamate during the firing of glutamergic synapses when the person is excited.

Before we get lost in the medical jargons, it is simply to say that we record experiences more vividly when the brain perceives “danger” or during exaggerated joyful moments. In other words, the brain encodes experiences as long-term memories when it is excited.

With this understanding we can extract the fact that emotions play an important role not only in activating and reactivating memories but also during its encoding.

The brain is a filing system that is equipped with highly specialized functionalities because we are sensory beings.

Eutaptics memory manipulation is a practical way to release emotions being carried by memories to allow the brain to recover from a stressful event and stop the “use” of a particular memory to perceive reality.

In cases of PTSD and Chronic Stress for example, the tiniest stimulus, often even just one word can provoke stress responses causing the person’s thoughts to be incoherent. To reverse the issues and to really provide resolution, it goes above and beyond prescription drugs or talk therapy.

What needs to be done is to address the memories causing the formation of a particular reaction. Only through this is the brain really liberated.

Chronic Stress is Dangerous

Small amounts of stress from mild to relatively moderate can help you function better at work or in life. But when tension begins to build up and stressful situations begin to pileup, you are putting your mind and body at great risk.

Chronic stress is the leading cause of death from complications in cardiovascular disorders and other physical ailments causing organ failure.

To truly outsmart stress, you need to manipulate the memories causing stress. Otherwise you will never get beyond the surface and you will just be caught within the cycle.

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  • December 23, 2016