Stress and Anxiety: The Forerunners of Illnesses

Ask any doctor and they would again remind you that stress is the precursor for a very broad spectrum of physical illnesses. It seems that the modern society has taken stress to be part of living, with this comes the inevitable, getting physically sick all the time.

Stress affects not only our mental health, it can change the body’s chemistry to the cellular level. Stress is not only the precursor for manifestation of physical illnesses it is also the main cause of premature aging. If we only learn to reject the idea that stress is a part of living, we can live a happier and healthier lives.

Stress that are mild and relatively moderate are said to enhance our mental strength and improve our bodies. This is true, but when or how do you know? Stress responses vary from one person to other, this is a fact made obvious that we are all equipped with varying coping mechanisms for coping is directly influenced by the memories or imprints recorded and utilized by the mind.

In other words, what is mildly stressful for one can be extremely stressful to another. It is impossible that we react and get affected by each stressor the very same way as the person next to us. Unless of course when we are talking about extreme dangers.

Coping with daily stress is as important as coping from extreme stress. Stress even how mild can build up, often without us knowing, we are already on the tracks to burnout.

Repelling stress as part of your life is the only way to truly live life in its pure meaning.

How do you do that?

Outsmart Stress

Coping is one thing, but as we have mentioned our coping mechanisms are reliant on the imprints or records our mind holds as valid reference on how the world works. Meaning for someone who is aiming for lasting resolution to stress they need to release the emotions carried by the objects that evokes a stress response.

We cannot eradicate people, things and interactions. Those are given facts of life, but what we can do is release the emotions that are evoked upon perception of the object. This is the only way you can release stress and collapse its structure.

That is made possible by memory reimprinting. As you may have heard, Eutaptics is a memory reimprinting process, “tapping” using the Eutaptics technique is a proven way to weaken the mental structure causing stress responses.

You are given a chance to change the records within the mind producing problems. In other words, you are given a chance to rewire the mind and step out of the cycle of stress and anxiety and produce a healthier body.

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  • March 4, 2017